Ixekizumab Improves Disease Severity and Quality of Life in Patients with Psoriasis

Researchers assessed the use of ixekizumab to treat patients with psoriasis and observed that improvements in clinical and quality of life outcomes were maintained at 24-month follow-up. In addition, outcomes after one month of initiating ixekizumab predicted long-term outcomes. The results of the study were published as part of the American Academy of Dermatology Virtual Meeting Experience 2020.

The study included 153 patients (median age, 47.7 years; range, 19.7-74.5 years) with psoriasis who had a mean disease duration of 14.8 years. Most patients were male (n=100; 65.4%) and white (n=143; 93.5%). Patients initiated ixekizumab between March 22, 2016, and February 28, 2018.

Static Physician Global Assessments (sPGA), Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI), and body surface area (BSA) were summarized at one-month post-index and at three-month intervals for up to 24 months.

Among the 135 patients who had available sPGA data at one month, 80 (59.3%) achieved sPGA (0, 1), including 50% who achieved sPGA 0. In addition, 85% of these patients achieved BSA ≤1%, and 70% achieved DLQI (0, 1). At 24 months, 87.9% of patients maintained sPGA, including 66.7% with sPGA 0. At 24 months, 75.8% and 93.9% of patients maintained DLQI and BSA ≤1%, respectively.

Among the 55 patients who did not achieve sGPA at one month, 76.4% had sPGA 2, 36.4% achieved DLQI, and 41.8% achieved BSA ≤1%. By 24 months, 41.7% of these patients achieved sPGA, including 25% with sPGA 0. In addition, 58.3% maintained DLQI, and 50% maintained BSA ≤1%.

Achievement of sPGA at one month was associated with achieving sPGA at 12 months (odds ratio, 4.4; 95% confidence interval, 1.7-11.1; P<0.05), as well as achieving sPGA and BSA ≤1% at 24 months (P<0.05). 

“Having clear or almost clear skin at one month may be a significant predictor for good long-term clinical and quality of life outcomes, as well as drug persistence,” the researchers concluded.

The study is limited because it was conducted at just one U.S. dermatology referral practice, thus results may not be generalizable.

Leonardi C, Tao R, Setayeshgar S, et al. Long-term Treatment Effects of Ixekizumab Among Psoriasis Patients Who Achieved Early High Level Treatment Outcomes in a Real-World Setting: Results from a Single US Dermatology Referral Practice. Presented during the AAD Virtual Meeting Experience 2020, June 12-14, 2020.